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To know the electronic scale accurate can take mobile phone when weight

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Recently, the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau to carry out electronic pricing scale product sampling, sample of 35 enterprises of 35 batches of products, unqualified 6 batches, the qualified rate was 82.8%. At the same time, Quality Supervision Bureau released the electronic pricing scaleconsumer guide, to remind consumers to identify "ghost scales". According to the city of Quality Supervision Bureau staff said, electronic pricing scalesfor the measurement equipment manufacturing license products, Wenzhou has no business to obtain a permit, the electronic market balance for allfield procurement.

6 batches of substandard products, electronic balance, weighing, unqualified project focused on the power supply voltage change, in addition to skin,partial load, the preheating time, temperature test, the steady state heat etc.. The project failed finally leads to the measurement results of unqualified.The electronic pricing scale products, consumers can through the Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau e-government network ( query.At the same time, check whether the product is effective verification certificate.

At present, urban metro, Nanpu farmers market has been the use of standardized electronic pricing scales. At the same time, entrance or exit eachfarmers market have a fair balance. The city of Quality Supervision Bureau metrology and named pipe director Koaki Katsu introduction, for the electronic store or other shops pricing scale, consumers use their own mobile phone when the weights, first with the agricultural market fair weighing,know the specific weight, then the fruit shop or store electronic valuation weighing. So you can know the store electronic price computing scale arehands and feet.

City Institute of Metrology will be in the community do not regularly distributed free of charge weight of 100 grams, consumers put it on the balance, ifnot, weight 100 grams, the scale is not allowed. If consumers find businesses irregularities measurement, can dial 12365 complaints to the quality supervision department report.

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