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Electronic scale

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Electronic scale is a weighing instrument by electronic methods of measurement, display and control the quality of a material. Electronic scale for occasions needing fast, remote measurement and digital display, printing, automatic control etc.. Weighing range from a few grams to hundreds of tons, weighing accuracy can reach 0.001 ~ 0.0001.
Working principle
The principle of electronic scales to electronic weighing sensor, amplifier circuit, AD conversion circuit, microcontroller circuits, display circuit, keyboard circuit, communication interface circuit, power supply circuit.
The intelligent electronic scale
The use of function
Electronic scale [1] adopts electronic weighing apparatus of modern sensor technology, electronic technology and computer technology integration, to meet and solve real-life " fast, accurate, continuous, automatic " weighing requirements, and effectively eliminate the human error, which is more in line with the requirements of legal metrology management and application of industrial production process control.
The national compulsory verification of measuring instruments
His product is verification scale value E and value of subdivision D standard, is subject to the National Metrology Law Protection products. In the application, use it constitutes a hopper scale, crane scales, pricing scales, weighbridge, truck scale, railway track scale and belt weigher etc.. Electronic scale by weighing method is divided into batch weighing and continuous weighing two. Electronic scales and weighing machine, mechanical and electrical, hydraulic balance scale, except the simple mechanical structure, small amount of repair etc., highlighting the advantages of multi group can be assembled into a high degree of automation, complex, batching control system.

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