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Electronic report trend of electronic industry

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1) electronic development trend analysis of characteristics of electronic industry. Theelectronic scale electronic scale industry development factors, summed up the futureelectronic trend overall characteristics of electronic industry;

2) prediction of electronic production development and trend of electronic industry.Prediction of production development and its change trend, this is the prediction ofcommodity supply market and its trend;

3) prediction electronic weighing electronic scale industry market capacity and change. Comprehensive analysis and forecast electronic weighing electronic scaleindustry production technology, product structure adjustment period, predict theelectronic structure, number and changes the demand trend of electronic scaleindustry.

4) predict the electronic market price changes electronic scale industry. Enterprise production is thrown into the product price and the selling price of the product is directly related to the level of corporate profits. In the prediction of commodity prices,should study the changes of labor productivity, production cost, profit, the development trend of market supply and demand, affecting the change of the value of its currency and the amount of money in circulation and national economic policy oncommodity prices.

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