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Electronic scale accurate measurement, with a glance

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The May 20th news (reporter Pan Xuye Hu Jinpeng correspondent) when shopping,how to confirm that the electronic scale accurate? How to use water meter to determine whether there is a Water Leakage situation? 20 is the fifteenth world metrology day, Quality Supervision Bureau metrology Qingdao Development Zonestaff into the community, free testing electronic scale, water and other livelihoodmeasuring instruments are accurate, and Professor judgment meter accuracy tips.

On the morning of 20, Quality Supervision Bureau metrology Qingdao Development Zone staff entered the Yangtze River Road Street Zhang Bao Bay community,residents gathered, many residents directly to the home blood pressure, weightand glasses, quantitative packing goods brought for verification and testing, as well as residents asked water meter, meter, gas meter so how to determine whetheraccurate metering device.

In daily life, people will inevitably encounter when weighing electronic scale in supermarkets, farmers market shopping, but in the weighing process, many people will doubt, electronic scale is accurate. "If you often use scale to buy things,especially the more valuable things, you can take a known weight of small things,mobile phone, mineral water can be simple, field experiment on the line." Tian Yuan staff. For the residents to provide convenient, standard weight staff also prepared 200 grams, distributed free to the public.

For most people, more attention is how to judge their own water meter, electric meter, gas meter is accurate. "At present, no measurement of residents in the hands of specialized tools, so cannot detect the water meter is accurate. But with the home all the water facilities are closed, check the water meter is running way,check whether Water Leakage or meter if there is a problem." Tian Yuan introduced, but also to the unit of measurement for help.

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